What it tracks?
It compares all aspects of each stroke just played with the best record and shows you how repeatable your putting stroke is. (in %).
Face angle
On GSA PUTT app, it shows both the putter’s face angle at impact and face angles along the stroke, relative to address. + means Open and - means Closed. Open is when the face is pointing out to the right and Closed is when the face is pointing out to the left.
Attack angle
It is the vertical (up-down) angle at which the putter head is moving at impact, relative to address. +ve means hitting up on the ball, while -ve means hitting down on the ball.
It is the ratio of backswing time to downswing time. For example, 2.5:1 means your backswing is 2.5 times slower than forward swing.
Backswing time
It is the time taken of your backswing from address. It can be shown up to 2 decimals of a second.
Downswing time
It is the time taken of your forward swing to impact. It can be shown up to 2 decimals of a second. (follow through is not included)
Impact speed
It shows how fast the putter’s head is travelling at impact. (in mph)
Swing path distance
The blue colour defines the backswing length and the yellow colour defines the distance of your follow through. (in cm)
How it works?
3BaysGSA PUTT is the World’s Lightest Putting Analyzer, which is smartly designed to plug into putter grip. It can digitize and analyze key aspects of your putting stroke more closely than ever. Delicate 9-axis motion sensors and intelligent algorithm are deployed to detect and capture even the subtlest movements of the putter and it brings you instant feedback on mobile devices via Bluetooth connection. It is a game-changing device that helps golfers develop consistent, repeatable and reliable putting strokes.
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Technical Specifications
Size (W x H):
29.3 x 18 mm (excluding pin)
29.3 x 43 mm (including pin)
Play time:
Up to 5 hours
ver 2.1 + EDR
USB port:
micro USB for (charging purpose)
Compatible devices:
iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 6, 6 Plus
iPod touch (4th,5th generation )
iPad, iPad2, new iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2,iPad Mini 3
( requires iOS 5.1 or later )
Dedicated App:
GSA PUTT on App Store
* Based on comparison of similar products sold at major Asia golf retailers in Jan 2013.